The placement of the foreign nationality students who want to study in our university will be done according to their “Dokuz Eylül University International Student Admission Exam (DEYÖS)” scores starting with the highest score and accepting as many students as the quota. If there are two (or more) students with the same score, then the youngest one will have the privilege.

  • Those with a score of 50 (fifty) or above from “Dokuz Eylül University International Student Admission Exam (DEYÖS)” will be accepted for the evaluation.
  • There will not be a further announcement for unused quota.
  • There will not be any placement to the departments where there were no applications.

International students graduated from a high school equivalent to the Turkish high schools and meeting the requirements below can apply to DEU for associate or bachelor degree programs.

For more information on application requirements, exams, preferences etc. for international students and to reach the “Admission Directive for Students from Abroad” click.


1) Students can pay their tuition fees to the nearest İş Bankası branch by their student number.

2) Steps that students should follow when registering on-line are listed below;

  • Enter the website at
  • Click on DEBIS, enter student number and the password to access the menu as follows:  (student and password (birthdate DD/MM/YYYY)
  • On the left side under Student’s Affairs “Registration”, click “New Registration” and enter the registration information as follows:

o    General information

o   Family address information

o   Identity information

o   Education information

After completing and checking the information, registration approval is given and registration process completed.

After all, the registration procedures are completed by delivering the necessary documents to the Student’s Affairs Office within the stated dates.

3) It is obligatory for the students who are accepted to a program with a Preparatory Class to take the English Proficiency Test. The exam is held by the School of Foreign Languages on specified dates. The address of the school is 24 Sokak, No:2, Dokuzçeşmeler. Buca/ İzmir. For further information (test date, exam time and place) on the Proficiency Test, check the website or call +90.232 420 44 25.

4) The Turkish Language Proficiency of the registered students is determined by Dokuz Eylul University Language Research and Teaching Center (DEDAM).


  1. All the procedures related to the registration have to be completed personally. Registration by post is not accepted.
  2. Documents should be original, photocopies are not accepted.
  3. Registration can only be done if all the required documents are submitted.
  4. Applicants should finalize their registration procedure on the days specifically defined, otherwise they lose their rights.
  5. Final registrations will be made at DEU Student Affairs Office at the Rectorate on the specifically defined days.


Cumhuriyet Bulvarı, No:144 Alsancak/IZMIR

PHONE: +90. 232 412 14 01

International Students Acceptance Examination (DEYOS)

For more information you can visit following website:

Turkey Scholarship Students

The candidates who have graduated or will be graduating at the end of the current academic year from a program at a lower level compared to the level applied for scholarships (for example, for graduate program from the undergraduate program) may apply for Turkey Scholarship.

Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Monthly Scholarships
  2. Accommodation

III. Tuition fee

  1. Health expenses
  2. Turkish Language Course (one year)
  3. Round-Trip ticket contribution

Please visit our website for further information


Special Student: Refers to students that are enrolled in a higher education institution and takes courses from different higher education institution or students that take courses to improve their knowledge on specific topics and are not enrolled in a higher education institution.

In order to benefit from special student status, students that are enrolled in a higher education institution should;

  1. a) Complete at least one semester in the program they are enrolled and have a minimum GPA of 3 (three) out of 4, 80 (eighty) out of 100.
  2. b) Should not take disciplinary punishment
  3. c) Students that are enrolled to short cycle and undergraduate programs of domestic and foreign institutions of higher education with central replacement points should have equal or higher points with that program’s minimum point in her/his enrollment year.
  4. d) For the students that will take courses in summer school or a non-registered students in higher education institutions and students that suffer from health and safety problems or natural disasters second paragraph conditions are not required.
  5. e) Special students are not accepted to preparatory classes.

Documents Required for Application and Application Period

Article 6- (1) the students who would like to take lessons as a special student must apply to the related units within the registration period with the documents listed below:

  1. A document that certifies graduation for those who graduated from a higher education institution and want to take courses from associate degree or degree programs
  2. For the students who are enrolled to a higher education institution,
  • The document certifying that student has no disciplinary punishment
  • Transcript
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Certificate (For those students who will take courses from programs that are in foreign language)
  • The document indicating University Entrance Examination Score
  • Document indicating course contents
  • Health board report (for applications in case of any health problems)
  • The document given by competent authorities in the case of Disaster and Life Safety
  1. For the persons who are not enrolled to a higher education institution but would like to take lessons from graduate programs
  • Undergraduate or graduate transcript and a copy of diploma.

Students should pay “course hour fee” determined by University Administrative Board in course registration period at the latest.