TEACHING MOBILITY (Academician Exchange)

Objectives of Teaching Staff Mobility

  • To allow students who do not have the possibility to participate in a mobility scheme, to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of academic staff from higher education institutions and from invited staff of enterprises in other European countries.
  • To promote exchange of expertise and experience on pedagogical methods.
  • To encourage higher education institutions to broaden and enrich the range and content of courses they offer.

Subactivities of Teaching Mobility

There are 2 ways to put Teaching Mobility into practice;

  1. An academic  staff of a higher education institution in Turkey and which has an ESC (Erasmus Student Charter), can go abroad in order to lecture at a partner higher  education institution which has ESC.
  2. Staff of enterprises can be invited to Turkey in order to lecture at a higher education institution which has ESC.

Why the funding is for three (3) days?

We aim that more academicians benefit from assigned grant by National Agency to our University that is why lecturing period of the teaching staff going abroad are limited to 3 days. Quotas are designated in accordance with the number of academicians, students and Bilateral Agreements.

Also a travel allowance for 3 days is given to the teaching staff who goes abroad for 3 days, therefore in total funding is made for 5 days.

How much grant will I receive for travel?

Below there is a “Distance Calculator” link for the staff who benefit from staff mobility in order to use travel expense.

Erasmus+ Distance Calculator

Between two points on the acquired km, travel grants should be calculated using the table below. (It was taken from Erasmus+ Program Guide.)

 “km” Grant (Euro)
Between 10-99 KM 20 €
Between 100 – 499 KM arası 180
Between 500 – 1999 KM arası 275
 between2000 – 2999 KM arası 360
Between 3000 – 3999 KM arası 530
Between 4000 – 7999 KM arası 820
8000 KM and more 1500

2019– 2020 Academic Year Daily Grant Amounts for Staff Teaching Mobility

Country Groups Countries Daily Grant Amounts (Euro)

1. Group Program Countries United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, İreland, Sweden, İceland, Lihtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, 153
2. Group Program Countries Germany, Austria,  Belgium, France, Southern Cyprus, Nederlands, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Greece 136
3. Group Program Countries Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia,Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey 119


– Please apply the related unit of your deanery /directorate at least 40 days before the mobility date

  1. Letter Of Invitation
  • Must be signed by the receiving institution.
  • The dates on it should cover the days of the academician abroad.
  • Must be signed and stamped by the receiving institution.
  • Restricting the lecturing period with 2 days is because of more academician can use of it.
  • The documents over 2 days will not be accepted.
  • Lecture period can not be less than 8
  1. The Copy of Inter-institutional agreement
  • Copy of Inter-institutional agreementsthat signed with theinvited countriesmust beadded to documents.
  1. The Copy of Euro Account Book
  • Open transactional Euro account at any branch of Ziraat Bankası.
  • Opening accounts in different banks, will cause the transfer costs to be deducted from the
  1. The Copy of Travel Tickets
  • Flight fees must be seen on the travel ticket or reservation document in order to calculate the amount of cost. (Lecturing dates and departure/return dates are must not overlap.)
  1. The Foreign Assignment
  • Foreign Assignment must be done through
  • On the assignment paper, it should be explained in part of the reason that this mobility is in the scope of Erasmus.
  • The term of office should include the time in which the person stayed abroad. (It is possible to stay longer. But only 5 days will be granted.)
  • The mobility includes the travel pay and the wage.
  • On the part of ‘How are the costs paid?’ it should be written ‘out of institution/Erasmus’.
  1. Staff Mobility Agreement
  • The intended mobility of giving lectures has been decided for 2 days in order to utilize much more the academician exchange program.
  • Lecture period cannot be shorter than 8 hours.
  1. The Information Form of Instructor
  • The length and period of lectures, the start date and due date of the mobility should be consistent with other documents.
  • The payment parts will be filled by our office.
  • Be sure that the documents with the paper signed by dean/directorate will receive to the International Office Rector in 30 days before your departure date.
  • If the National Agency transferred the allocation for the university, you can take the 80% part of your total grant before you leave. If not, after the allocation transfer by the National Agency, all of your grant will be transferred to your account.

NOTE: Do not forget to bring your Confirmation of Teaching Mobility that you will take from your host institution. This document should be signed and stamped.

*the period and length of giving lectures have to hold together on all documents.


– After your arrival to Turkey, submit the documents below to the units related to Dean/Directorate in a week.

 1- Travel Ticket

  • Original flight ticket ant the receipt of it
  • You can present your electronic tickets instead of your flight ticket, but it should be appropriate for General Communique VUK 334 No., the paper should be published by airlines, signed or stamped therefore the agencies should sign the electronic ticket and stamp it.
  • The price of the ticket has to be written on it.
  • The boarding passes should be given with the flight ticket.

2- Confirmation of Teaching Mobility

  • The signature and stamp on the document should be complete and clear.

 3- Survey of the EU

  • After the mobility abroad, the participant has to fill and submit the EU survey online in 30 days after he/she was invited. The participants, who don’t fill and submit this online EU survey, will have to pay the funds partly or totally.

4- Letter of Dean/Directorate

  • After your arrival in 15 days, please submit your all documents with the letter of dean/directorate to the International Office.

– 20% part of the grant will be transferred to your account in (latest) 45 days after sending the EU Survey.