Who can Apply as an Erasmus Student?

For a student to be an Erasmus student at Dokuz Eylul University,

a)    DEU and the student’s home  university should have an Inter-Institutional Agreement

b)   The student must have completed at least one year of education period at the home university

c)    To meet the languages instruction level  of relevant department

d)   The student must be officially nominated by the home university

e)    The student must complete the application process by the stated deadlines.

Application Process


All students must be nominated by the international coordinator of the home institution by sending an e-mail to until May 15th  for Fall semester, November 15th for Spring semester 

Required application documents for all incoming students:

Online Application (application link is automatically send via system to the student). Requested documents should be uploaded to the online application system.

Those documents are:

o   Transcript of Records in English (study transcript)

o   Learning Agreement (the academic coordinators assist Erasmus Exchange Students in filling their Learning Agreement)

o   One passport size photo (scanned)

o   Copy of Passport (Make sure your passport is valid for the entire duration of your intented stay in Turkey)

o   Language proficiency document (min. B1 unless otherwise stated in the Inter-Institutional Agreement)

Important note: Deadline for online application and uploading the required documents for fall semester is June 15th, for spring semester is December 15th.

For course selection please check the Catalog Information Package.

Incoming Student Flowchart
Letter of Acceptance /Invitation

The letter of acceptance / invitation letter is prepared and sent to the student by the International Relations Office of the University. The incoming student may also use this letter for obtaining student visa.

(For the letter of acceptance / invitation please contact the International Relations Office)

Academic Calendar
Learning Agreement
Inter-Departmental Course Selection Form for Incoming Students
Course Catalog


Please find the 6 videos about login into the system, participation in exams, assignments submission, live lesson, etc in the link. The language of videos is Turkish however you can click on English subtitles.

Turkish Language Course

Turkish Language Course is offered to all Erasmus Exchange Students, free of charge every friday morning during one semester. It aims to teach basic practical Turkish which can be useful for daily life. Students will acquire 3 ECTS Credits and a certificate at the end of the course if they take 70/100 points.

Orientation Program

Erasmus incoming students orientation program is organized one week before the semester starts consists of campus visits,  city tours and information on Turkish Culture and useful practical matters.

Prior to their arrival to Turkey, incoming Erasmus students should check whether they need a visa or not. For current information please check:
Health Insurance

According to new regulation, all Erasmus students must obtain a Health Insurance that is valid in Turkey to be able to receive the residence permit.    

1.   Option:

Turkey has health agreements with some countries listed below. Students who are from one of these countries are exempt from paying to General Turkish Health Insurance fee. Please bring the original “Medical Assistance Entitlement Certificate” that are indicated below and submit it to the Social Security Directorate in Izmır.  The Social Security Directorate/Center will give a paper in return to keep with you.

Albania: AL/TR 4, TR/AL 5

Australia: A/TR 3, A/TR 4

Belgium: BT.8, BT 16

Bosnia-Herzegovina: BH/TR 4, BH/TR 6, BH/TR 7

France: SE 208-01 FT, SE 208-02 FT SE 208-30 FT, SE 208-06 A FT, SE 208-28 FT,SE 208-09 FT

Germany: T/A 11, T/A 9, T/A 20 ,

Luxembourg: TR/L 3, TR/L 5

Macedonia: MC/TR 4, TR/MC 6

Romania: R/TR 3, R/TR5, R/TR 6

The Czech Republic: CZ/TR 111

The Netherlands: N/TUR 106, N/TUR 111, N/TUR 121

2.            Option

If an agreement doesn’t exist, you are supposed to hold a health insurance.

Please notice:

Minimum Policy Content


Contracted Institutions

*Non- Contracted Institutions

Annual Minimum Limit


Annual Minimum Limit


Outpatient Diagnosis Treatment

2.000. -TL

Insured      : % 40
Company  : % 60


Insured     : % 40
Company  : % 60

Inpatient Diagnosis Treatment


Insured    : % 0
Company : % 100


Insured     : % 20
Company  : % 80

*Non- Contracted Institutions: Institutions (hospitals, physicians’ offices, and the other health institutions.)  do not have an agreement with the insurer.

3.            Option

You can get an insurance policy while in Turkey from various insurance companies.

Residence Permit

The students who will stay in Turkey longer than 3 months, have to apply for residence permit  within
one month after their arrival to Turkey.

Documents required for the residence permit application:
— 4 biometric photos,
— Copy of the pages of the passport showing the entry stamp to Turkey, page with personal data and if a visa is obtained also the entry visa page
— Document certifying that the student is an Erasmus student for the term (provided by the International Relations Office)
— Printout of the application form (online application)
— Residence permit fee
— Health insurance

Mentor students take the incoming students to the related department  for residence permit application as part of the orientation program.

(Please note: If you cannot obtain a residence permit during your exchange period, you will pay a fine on your way out of Turkey and legal authorities can deport you.)


Flat Sharing 

Room in shared flat: Around 750 TL (€125); + electricity, water, natural gas invoices

Please wait for our ESN (Erasmus Student Network) to get in touch with you regarding the alternatives.

Guest House 

1 person in double room: Around 840 TL (€140); including wireless internet, in room WC/shower, air conditioning, breakfast, room cleaning, TV, mini fridge.

Can be confirmed upon availability. Please send your preferred stay dates to to check availability

Student ID Card

The Student ID Card are distributed to the students by International Office at the orientation program.

Functions of Student ID Card
Provides entrance to the;

  • University buildings
  • Refectories
  • Canteens

Validity of Student ID Card
For the incoming students, Student ID Card is valid during their exchange period.

Every Exchange student will get a tutor/buddy. The tutor is a Turkish student, member of ESN Dokuz Eylül University. The tutors get in touch with the Erasmus Exchange students before their arrival. They help them settle down in Izmir, provide information regarding student life, Turkish culture and accommodation. 
Izmirim Card
IZMIRIM-KART is a chip-card used on public buses, ferries and subway. It enables the users to travel more cheaply around Izmir. To obtain this card, the tutor students take the incoming students to the Department of IZMIRIM-KART as part of the orientation program.