Dokuz Eylül University (DU) is one of the largest and most prestigious public research universities in Türkiye, with a rich history of providing high-quality education and conducting cutting-edge research.

Founded in 1982, DEU has since become a hub of research and education in the Aegean Region, attracting students from all over Türkiye and around the world.

DEU, with 69,661 students including 4,942 international students from 98 countries, has 18 faculties, 10 graduate schools and institutes, two schools, a state conservatory, six vocational schools, 49 research and application centers, and over 3,080 faculty members, 3112 administrative staff. Its institutes have gained national recognition for their education, research, and practice. The university was the first in Turkey to apply the problem-based learning method, which began at the School of Medicine in 1997.

DEU benefits from its strategic location in the city of Izmir, which is a hub of cultural, economic, and educational activity in Türkiye. Izmir is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and is known for its mild Mediterranean climate, multicultural social life, and strong economy. Izmir is also home to six state universities and two private foundation universities.

DEU has academic collaboration projects established with 87 universities from 32 different countries, Erasmus agreements with 356 universities. It has a strong commitment to internationalization, and in 2018, it was selected as one of the 20 pilot universities by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) for implementing the internationalization strategy. The university was awarded the “Institutional Accreditation Certificate” within the scope of the “2021 Institutional Accreditation Program” by the Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK) in June 2022.

Overall, DEU is a leading research university in Türkiye with a strong commitment to providing high-quality international education and conducting cutting-edge research. Its internationalization efforts and strategic location in Izmir make it an attractive destination for students and scholars from around the world.

Academic Year An academic year has two terms consisting of 16/17 weeks. Fall semester
begins in September, ends in January and spring semester begins in
February, ends in June. The academic calendar for the subsequent academic
year is announced in May.2020-2021 Academic Calendar
Languages of Instruction English / Turkish
Graduate School of Educational Sciences
Graduate School of Fine Arts
Graduate School ofHealth Sciences
Graduate School ofNatural and Applied Sciences
Graduate School of Social Sciences
Institute of Principles of Atatürk and Turkish Revolution History
Faculties  Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Business
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Letters
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Theology
Maritime Faculty
Reha Midilli Foca Faculty of Tourism
Schools  School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
School of Sports Sciences and Technology
Seferihisar Fevziye Hepkon School of Applied Sciences
State Conservatory
Izmir Vocational School
TorbalıVocational School
Vocational School ofHealth Services
Vocational School ofJudicial Practices
Vocational School of Theology

The students of DEU have the opportunity to pursue their sporting or recreational interests indoors and outdoors. For indoor sports, there are two sports halls, which can be used for a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball and wrestling, including a gymnasium with a fully equipped exercise/training room. In most faculties and schools, table tennis rooms are also available. For outdoor sports, the University has extensive playing fields on every campus, i.e. two carpet–based mini football field, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. Each year, the University traditionally organizes a series of intramural competitions leading to the Varsity Cup, as well as special tournaments in table games such as chess.

161 student clubs and societies are open to interested students at various faculties and schools. Included are Modern Dance, Folk Dance, Drama, Turkish Classic Music, Pop Music, Folk Music, Tennis, Aeronautics, Maritime, and Mountaineering, Sports Club etc.

Since the year 2000, university organizes Spring Festival for the students during the 2nd week of May. The festival includes cultural, artistic sportive activities and entertainment with participation of national and international groups. Apart from the social and sportive activities organized during the academic year, between June and September, the university organizes a student recreation camp located on the Aegean Sea coast around Seferihisar (approx. 40 minutes from the city center), which is available for 200 students.

For more information please take a look at Dokuz Eylul University Students Handbook