TEACHING MOBILITY (Academic Exchange)

The Objectives of the Teaching Mobility

  • To provide academic staff with an opportunity that they can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the academic staff and business personnel of higher education institutions in different European countries,
  • To encourage the exchange of expertise and experience in pedagogical methods,
  • To support higher education institutions in expanding and enriching the variety and content of the courses they offer.


– For your assignment letter, please contact the unit you are affiliated with.

You are expected to make an appointment for the delivery of the documents.

  • Invitation Letter
  • Must be signed by the inviting institution.
  • The dates written on it should cover the dates when the academic staff  is on abroad.
  1. Staff Mobility For Teaching Mobility Agreement
  • Invitation letter must be signed and sealed by the receiving institution.
  • The lecturing period cannot be less than 8 hours.The Copy of Euro Account Book
  1. Open a checking Euro account at any branch of Ziraat Bankası.
  • Opening accounts in different banks could result in the transfer costs to be deducted from the grant.
  1. The Copy of Flight Tickets
  • The flight fees must be visible on the travel ticket or reservation document for the purpose of calculating the travel fee that will be paid.(Lecturing dates and departure/return dates must not coincide.)
  1. The Abroad Assignment
  • It should be stated that the mobility is within the scope of Erasmus program In the assignment document in the section part specifying the purpose of the assignment.
  • The assignment duration should include the duration spent abroad. (It is possible to stay longer. But only 5 days will be granted.)
  • The mobility must be specified whether with the travel payment or with a support.
  • Reimbursement of expenses regarding the ‘’How are the costs to be paid?’’ it should be written as ‘’out of institution/Erasmus’’
  1. Staff Mobility Agreement

It will be filled by our International Relations Office during the appointment.

Lecturing period cannot be shorter than 8 hours.

  • The length and period of lectures, the start date, and due date of the mobility should be consistent with other documents.
  • The sections related to the payment will be filled by our International Relations Office.
  • Be sure to hand in the documents to the International Office in Rectorate Settlement at least 10 working days before your departure date. You are expected to make an appointment for the handing of the documents.
  • Depending on the allocation transfers made by the National Agency to the university, you can take 70% part of your total grant before you leave. If not, after the allocation transfer made by the National Agency, your 70% grant will be paid after your leave. Remaining 30% grant will be paid after completing the mobility.

NOTE: Do not forget to bring your Confirmation of Teaching Mobility that you will receive from your host institution. The document must have a signature and a seal.


Required Procedures After the Return of Academic Staff Exchange

  • Please submit the documents listed below within 1 (one) week after your return from abroad.
  1. Flight Ticket
  • Documents that show your travel expenses (Original copies of the ticket/s used, original boarding cards, originals of payment documents such as invoices)
  1. Confirmation of Teaching Mobility
    The signature and seal on the document must be complete.
  1. EU Survey
  • After the mobility abroad, the participant must complete and deliver the online EU Survey within 30 calendar days following the receipt of the invitation sent to him/her to fill in the survey. The participants who do not complete and submit the survey may need to pay back the grant that was given to them partially or fully.
  • %30 of the grant will be transferred to the account specified before, within the 45 days of completion of the EU Survey.